This seminar is an eye-opener!  Discover the hidden causes of thyroid symptoms that most doctors fail to diagnose and address!

>   Learn key differences between synthetic vs. bio-identical hormones and why it may not matter which one you are actually taking 
>  Discover why 90% of thyroid patients are virtually guaranteed to fail if thyroid replacement is the only treatment they get 
>  Discover simple things you can do on your own to support your health and improve your thyroid symptoms 
>  Discover WHY your lab tests may read normal but you still suffer with ALL the same thyroid symptoms (it is NOT in your head as some doctors rudely suggest).
>  Once and for all, discover the truth about your condition and what steps you can immediately take to start living fully again!

>If you have been diagnosed with low thyroid or are certain you have a thyroid problem, but have not yet been diagnosed by your doctor.
>You're taking (Synthroid, Armour, or Levoxyl) and STILL have thyroid symptoms. >You suffer with the typical thyroid symptoms (fatigue, brain fog, inability to lose weight, depression, memory loss) but your doctor says your lab tests are "normal" (you know something is wrong but nobody is offering you help). 




Dr. Veronica Anderson is a MD, is a 3-time #1  International Bestselling author, Functional Medicine practitioner, Homeopath and Medical Intuitive. As a national speaker and designer of the Functional Fix and Rejuvenation Journey programs, she helps people who feel like their doctors have failed them. She advocates natural, holistic and complementary treatments to address the root cause of disease. Dr. Veronica is a highly sought guest on national television and syndicated radio and hosts her own radio show, Wellness for the REAL World, on FOX Sports 920 AM "the Jersey" on Mondays at 7:00 pm ET.


Silver Lake Executive Campus

Thursday, March 2, 2017:
Silverlake Executive Campus
41 University Drive Suite 400
Newtown, PA 18940

Registration starts at 5:30 pm - Doors Close at 6:00 pm